More than a pretty purple: Invicti rebrands, bringing AppSec with zero noise

Behind every rebrand lies purpose, intent, and a very deliberate message. Here’s the story of the all-new and reinvigorated Invicti brand identity that brings together our past, present, and future (with pretty colors).

More than a pretty purple: Invicti rebrands, bringing AppSec with zero noise

Things look a bit different around here. A little less blue, a little more purple. Some fancy new graphics and (hopefully) language that says more with fewer words. 

A rundown of our rebrand is perhaps not what you came here to read about. I don’t blame you – our team writes much more interesting stuff throughout this blog and on our Invicti Learn hub. That said, there is a method to the madness that is branding and if you’re interested in the “why” behind all the new colors and the architecture, read on. If not, might I suggest checking our new AppSec Indicator report, Spring 2023 edition for data-driven security insights (and your reading pleasure). 

Great, you’re still here.

So why did we spend a lot of time and resources rebranding Invicti? Truth is, people are confused about who we are. Invicti has a rich history involving the combination of application security titans Netsparker and Acunetix, the creation of Invicti as the umbrella brand, and numerous logo and color combinations and iterations along the way. All this created noise – and a lot of it. It was time to clear our figurative cookies, install updates, and restart.

Down to business – here’s what’s new:

  • Logo: Goodbye logomark, hello clean and to the point. 
  • Colors: Yes, we’re purple. For those who enjoyed finger paints as kids, you’ll know that red (Acunetix) + blue (Netsparker) = purple. We respect the talent and efforts of those who built this company and its products, so the color is a nod to our past while combining the best of both brands for our future.
  • The Helix: Yes, that winding, multi-colored, thread-like rendering has a name. Beyond being cool, it represents a lot. It’s how we see application security, with its complexity, potential, and future. It’s about blending everything security and development teams need to be successful: modern and trusted, disciplined and creative, and much more. It also represents how Invicti combines people and technology to weave the future of AppSec. It’s like an onion. It has layers.
  • Photography: From now on, you’re not going to see any bugs, shields, locks, or menacing hoodie-clad villains hovering over a laptop. Technology is amazing, but it’s people who keep organizations secure, so our photography is about showing real people and real life. 

I could further regale you with stories about the subliminal impact of font choice and accent colors, but the bottom line is we designed our new brand to be meaningful and beautiful, and to end the confusion. Invicti exists to propel the world forward by securing every web app and API. We do that with a solution that is reliable for security, practical for development, and critical for compliance – all with zero noise. Now our brand is aligned with that purpose and mission.

Kate Bachman

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Kate Bachman - VP of Marketing

A seasoned marketing and post-sales leader, Kate has provided strategic communications counsel and led program execution for Fortune 500s, high-growth start-ups, and a variety of cybersecurity and enterprise technology organizations. Kate is an avid literature enthusiast, traveler, and volunteer for the Make A Wish Foundation. She doesn’t function without coffee.