New data: 1.7 million scans, 1,700 customers, one Invicti AppSec Indicator

There’s nothing like cold hard data to set the record straight on security. For this edition of the Invicti AppSec Indicator, we crunched our biggest-ever set of vulnerability scan data spanning the past 4 years – and found a few surprises alongside expected trends.

Read the full report to see the major vulnerability trends and learn how continuous vulnerability scanning decreases risk.

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Increase in customer scan frequency since 2019


Decrease in severe vulnerabilities in the last year


Increase in scans with an
RCE vulnerability


Decrease in scans with XSS, continuing year over year trend

Highlights from this report:

  • Scans steadily increased year over year since 2019, with a 50% increase in scan frequency per account.
  • The percentage of scans showing severe vulnerabilities dropped 19% year over year as a result of increased scanning frequencies.
  • Remote code execution increased by 40% from 2021 to 2022, while cross-site scripting declined by 12%.
  • Headline-grabbing breaches and pandemic-driven industry changes are influencing scan behavior and broader coverage.

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