New market study: Application Security and the Innovation Imperative

The Invicti AppSec Indicator,
Fall 2021 Edition

Innovation is a strategic imperative for every business, government and nonprofit. Software, and web applications specifically, are central to innovation. They are also at the forefront of our cybersecurity crisis. Our report, based on a survey of practitioners and leaders, examines areas of significant progress and uncovers several concerning gaps that require focused attention to address the worsening situation in web application security – and keep organizations innovating to solve what’s next.


  • How pressure to “release fast or die” leaves apps vulnerable
  • Why security integration into the SDLC is still a WIP
  • A day on the front lines: how stress is impacting critical talent
  • Why the animosity between dev and sec is overhyped
  • Key innovation trends that will shape the future of AppSec

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Highlights from the report


of organizations increased
web app security
this year

112 hours

time it takes per team member to address current backlog of security issues


of execs think their teams “rarely or never” skip security, but only 6% of devs agree

1 in 3

Security issues make it to production without being caught in test or dev stages

*Survey in partnership with Wakefield Research.

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