Healthcare industry strengthens security with DAST

From securing the cloud to buttoning up the supply chain, Healthcare organizations must cut through security noise if they want to minimize risk – especially in shifting economies with ever-increasing cyberattacks.

Read more to learn why dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools remain a top investment priority for healthcare organizations that need to find more vulnerabilities faster, and with greater accuracy.

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Highlights from this whitepaper include:

100 healthcare industry developers and security professionals were surveyed in our most recent AppSec Indicator report. The results show an upswing in security budgets for 2023 with a focus on modern solutions and transparent ROI.

For nearly half of DevSecOps professionals in Healthcare, flaws either are too difficult to identify or cannot be addressed without breaking the deadline-driven release cycle.

65% of DevSecOps professionals in healthcare admit to regularly releasing software with unaddressed vulnerabilities.