Summary #

Invicti identified a version disclosure (Jetty) in the target web server's HTTP response. Eclipse Jetty Web Server provides an HTTP server and Servlet container capable of serving static and dynamic content either from standalone or embedded instantiations.

This information can help an attacker gain a greater understanding of the systems in use and potentially develop further attacks targeted at the specific version of Jetty.

Impact #
An attacker might use the disclosed information to harvest specific security vulnerabilities for the version identified.
Remediation #

Change  the value of the following parameter to “false” inside of the start.ini file to prevent information leakage from the SERVER header of its HTTP response:

Classifications #
CAPEC-170; CWE-205; HIPAA-164.306(a), 164.308(a); ISO27001-A.18.1.3; WASC-13; OWASP 2013-A5; OWASP 2017-A6
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