Boolean Based MongoDB Injection

Severity: High

Invicti detected that the application is vulnerable to a boolean based MongoDB injection. MongoDB injections occur when applications don't check or sanitize user input, which is then interpreted by a MongoDB database.

Invicti confirmed the vulnerability by executing a test query on the backend database. In these tests, MongoDB injection was not obvious, but the different responses from the page based on our tests allowed us to identify and confirm the MongoDB injection.


Depending on the backend database version and the query, an attacker can perform one of the following types of attacks successfully:

  • Reading, updating and deleting arbitrary data from the database
  • Collect sensitive information about the backend server configuration

To avoid this vulnerability;

  • Sanitize and stritly check the type of user-supplied input
  • Avoid using where, mapReduce and group operators with user input
  • If possible set javascriptEnabled to false in mongod.conf
  • Use the most recent version of MongoDB.

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