New research highlights vulnerability trends still impeding innovation

The Invicti AppSec Indicator,
Spring 2022 Edition

There’s no sugarcoating it: severe vulnerabilities simply aren’t getting any scarcer. In this edition of the Invicti AppSec Indicator, we’re digging into a huge data set from more than 900 global Invicti customers for a holistic look at these vulnerability trends, and what organizations need to do to improve their security posture.

Read our latest research report to learn more about:

  • The alarming trends that we’re seeing ebb and flow
  • Which flaws are on the uptick and why that might be
  • How to solve issues that lead to poor security posture

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Highlights from the report

Our products ran 23,630,985,830 security checks in 2021 that found and safely demonstrated the exploitability of discovered vulnerabilities.

We analyzed
aggregated data from

939 global
Invicti customers

for a holistic view of vulnerability trends across regions.

Cross-site scripting, one of the most common flaws around,

jumped 6%

in frequency since 2020.

Remote code execution has steadily increased

rising 5%

in frequency since 2018.

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