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What users are saying about Invicti

We’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible with Invicti, but all of the vulnerability information it generates has been top-notch and actionable for our developers and system administrators. Invicti has also been one of our most helpful and responsive vendor partners, including assisting us in evaluating the Invicti platform’s compliance with federal security policies.

Gartner Review from a Software Development Advisor

The product has served us well for a number of years now, but the support I receive and the ongoing high-touch my client receives from Invicti is second-to-none with regards to care, compassion, and true concern for our organization.

Gartner Review from a Cybersecurity Lead

Invicti Standard is very lightweight and can be installed with a few clicks. The policy templates are very open, easy to understand, and flexible to configure. We can recheck an individual part without rescanning the whole application. Proof-based scanning is accurate and allows us to understand the issues and remedies. The support team is very prompt in response and has an in-depth knowledge of the product and web applications. Any new user can rely on the Invicti support team to deal with any issue.

Rahul Raj Senior Engineer at GlobalLogic

Invicti detected web vulnerabilities that other solutions did not. It is easy to use and set up, generating easy-to-read findings and reports that we can integrate into our workflows, our collaboration suite, and – most importantly – our reporting tools.

Henk-Jan Angerman Founder of SECWATCH