API vulnerability testing in the real world:

Best practices for building API security testing into your SDLC

In the real world, finding a way to perform accurate web application security testing across the entire attack surface to cover both UI and API is definitely a non-trivial task.

This Invicti white paper shows the practical challenges of API vulnerability testing, technical solutions to overcome them, and best practices to make it all work in a modern web development pipeline.

Read the white paper to learn how to incorporate API security testing as part of your software development workflow.

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Highlights from this white paper:

  • Why API vulnerability testing in modern development pipelines runs into so many challenges
  • How advances in AppSec technologies have made it possible to automatically test APIs along with the rest of your web attack surface
  • What best practices you can follow to make API security testing a routine and efficient part of your secure software development lifecycle (SDLC)