Invicti Standard 31 Dec 2018


  • Added proof generation and Get Shell support for Code Evaluation (ASP) vulnerability
  • Added Retest support for several cookie vulnerabilities
  • Moved the target URL to the first position on Site Profile Knowledgebase


  • Fixed the Retest All button also retests the issues on additional web sites too
  • Fixed the popup hide issue on custom form authentication script dialog
  • Fixed a few unexpected NullReferenceException issues
  • Fixed the broken arrow key navigation on Sitemap and Issues panels
  • Fixed the incorrect vulnerability count reported on Issues panel tree groups
  • Fixed the representation of fixed vulnerability on Issues panel
  • Fixed the incorrect duplicate export dialog shown when trying to import a scan from cloud
  • Fixed the issue where Issues panel were not being refreshed when retest is finished
  • Fixed the initial panel shown by changing it from Progress panel to Activity panel
  • Fixed the process cannot access the file issue while updating VDB
  • Fixed a bug in cookie handling code during form authentication
  • Fixed the incorrect severity reported for Cookie not Marked as Secure vulnerability on some scans
  • Fixed an ArgumentOutOfRangeException thrown on some long scans
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException thrown while closing the application
  • Fixed the incorrect Filter menu state on Sitemap panel