Invicti Standard 20 Jan 2022 v6.3.2.34187


  • Added the .deploy extension to Default Policy’s extension list.
  • Added a new command line interface parameter -called failfast- to close the Invicti Standard in the silent mode when error occurs.


  • Fixed a null reference error issue when a user right-clicks the target on the Sitemap. 
  • Fixed the URL response error of the main node when Override Target URL check is enabled.
  • Fixed the Imported Links date and time value in the body that is cropped. 
  • Fixed an issue that opens the vulnerability panel instead of the HTTP Request and Response panel when the email node is selected in the Knowledge Base panel. 
  • Fixed the issue with the Missing XSS protection Header in the Out-of-Scope link.
  • Fixed an issue that tries to stop the scan when the What’s New tab is closed.
  • Fixed an issue that Invicti Standard starts a retest for a vulnerability randomly. 
  • Fixed a payload for the GraphQL.