Invicti Standard 12 Aug 2022 v6.6.1


  • Improved the Late-Confirmation Storage Mechanism to lower disc usage.
  • Improved the Links/API definition to add links with a single click.
  • Added the Block navigation on SPAs to built-in scan policies.
  • Improved the scan agent to continue scanning in case of getting HTTP status errors like Forbidden, Unauthorized, and ProxyAuthenticationRequired for websites supporting TLS 1.3.


  • Fixed the issue that does not terminate the Chromium instances although the max scan duration is exceeded.
  • Fixed the issue that automatically enables “Exclude Authentication Pages” after enabling form authentication.
  • Fixed the bug that throws null reference exception at the link pool.
  • Fixed the bug that prevents GraphQL Endpoint detection when the scan policy is copied.
  • Fixed the bug that resulted in running many Chromium instances when a new scan is started.
  • Fixed a null reference error when a new scan is started via the command line.