Invicti Enterprise On-Premises 28 Oct 2020


  • Added a ‘Generate optimized CSS code path’ feature to the Authentication Verifier
  • Improved the Minimum Security Level area on the Reporting page
  • HIPAA will be displayed instead of OWASP in the scan summary
  • Added scan folder path change option for internal agents


  • Fixed the issue where the IP addresses of websites listed on the Discovered Website page were ignored
  • Fixed the issue where SAML files failed to download on MAC devices
  • Fixed the problem that occurred during verification of the form authentication API endpoint where it returned the same result after the first request
  • Fixed the problem that occurred while configuring email notifications
  • Fixed the problem that occurred while canceling stalled scans
  • Fixed the connection problem that occurred while using a proxy in internal agents
  • Fixed the autoscale problem in internal agents