Invicti Enterprise On-Premises 28 Apr 2020


  • Added support for U2F (Universal 2nd Factor Authentication)
  • Added support for disabling API Access for a Team Member
  • Added issue synchronization support for Azure DevOps
  • Added a new Form Validation Errors node to the Knowledge Base panel, and to scan reports
  • Added CVSS 3.1 support, to help with vulnerability scores
  • Added a new Query Parameters checkbox to the Parameter-Based Navigation section of the Crawling tab in the Scan Policy Editor
  • Added support for sending scan reports as email attachments on scan completed notification
  • Upgraded the Invicti scanning engine to version


  • Improved Integration categories and New Integration pages to provide a better user experience
  • Added support for Windows Authentication (Integrated Security) for database connections (On-Premises only)
  • Updated the Terms of Service page
  • Added Technical Contact information to the ‘websites/list’ API endpoint
  • Added start-end date filters to the ‘/scans/listbystate’ and ‘/auditlogs/export’ API endpoints
  • Added an ‘excludeAddressedIssues’ filter to the ‘/scans/report/’ API endpoint
  • Added a Failure Reason option to the Reason filter for failed scans
  • Added additional help text to the Issues’ Detail window for groupable issues
  • Added support for Admin users to manage their Team Member’s Report Policies
  • Added Profile ID information to the response of the ‘/scans/detail’ API endpoint


  • Added a Login Page Identifier security check
  • Added a Content Delivery Networks (CDN) security check
  • Added a Reverse Proxies security check


  • Fixed a bug where issue counts were not returned for ongoing scans on the ‘/scans/detail’ API endpoint
  • Fixed an issue where validation errors were shown for custom cookies
  • Fixed an issue where Technologies were not reported if a scan was completed in a short time
  • Fixed a browser compatibility issue that occurred while testing OAuth2 credentials
  • Fixed a bug where the Scan Time Window settings were not applied in Scheduled Incremental scans
  • Fixed an issue where pre-request scripts were not being sent to the scanner as expected
  • Fixed an issue where preferred Agent Group was not populated in the New Scan window
  • Fixed a bug where JavaScript settings were not set as expected for optimized Scan Policies