Invicti Enterprise On-Premises 26 Nov 2018



  • Improved colors for the app menu to follow WCAG guidelines
  • New scheduled scans are not added to the queue if a delayed one already exists
  • Improved validatation for SSO configuration pages
  • Updated EULA and TOS pages
  • Added support for deleting agents on the Manage Agents page
  • Readjusted API rate limits
  • Added a Data Protection Policy page
  • Account admins can now disable other team members’ 2FA settings
  • Improved the wording on several pages
  • Improved JIRA integration to prevent reopening the same issue twice in JIRA
  • Added support for running concurrent scans on a single Enterprise computing instance (ondemand only)
  • Attack Pattern’ renamed as ‘Payload’ in the Send To integration templates
  • Added tooltip for Scan and Report Policies options on the New Scan page


  • Fixed the problem where Severity Trends displayed global severity numbers even if a Scan Group was selected on the Website Dashboard page
  • Fixed an issue where the Manage Websites page, where the Last Scanned column was displaying the last scan’s initiation time
  • Fixed a bug where the severity order was wrong for the Retest Summary section on the Scan Report page