Invicti Enterprise On-Premises 25 Feb 2020


  • Added a new Sitemap section to scan reports which shows crawled URLs and identified issues
  • Added a new in-app notification section called What’s New which informs for important announcements
  • Added out of the box issue tracking integration for Freshservice, YouTrack, and Splunk
  • Added facility to send New Scan notifications using the Microsoft Teams integration
  • Added Pre-Request Script feature which helps to configure HMAC Authentication on New Scan page (On-Premises only)
  • Added new API endpoints for managing technologies
  • Upgraded the Invicti scanning engine to version


  • Redesigned Scan Summary section on Scan Report page
  • Improved scan queue scheduling process which prevents multiple scans with same settings to be queued
  • Improved Out-of-Date technologies email template for mobile clients
  • Improved rendering for large fields on the scan report template
  • Improved help text for Enable/Disable Agent actions on Manage Agents page
  • Security Check Groups are now arranged into sub-groups in the New Scan Policy
  • Set current user as the default technical contact on New Website page


  • Added version disclosure and out-of-date checks for Telerik Web UI
  • Added detection and out-of-date checks for Java and GlassFish


  • Fixed a bug where filtering is not working as expected on the Report Policies page
  • Fixed an error that was thrown during generating the Mod Security WAF Rules Report
  • Fixed an issue where testing basic authentication credentials were not working as expected