Invicti Enterprise On-Premises 22 Jun 2020


  • Added Mattermost integration
  • Upgraded the Invicti scanning engine to version
  • Added API support for the Discovery service


  • Added a new vulnerability for Same Site Cookies that are set to None and not marked as secure


  • Added support for Admin users to log in with Invicti Enterprise credentials when SSO is enforced
  • Added extra information about issues to the Jira Integration
  • Added control for Target Url field to disable Scan Settings if it’s empty
  • Added Timezone information to Scan Time Window section in the New Scan window
  • The Invicti API icon has been changed on the Integrations window
  • Added Manage Issues (Restricted) to the Permission Matrix
  • Added a Website Groups filter to the New Team Member window
  • Added a notification for Login Failed situation during scans
  • Added a Website Group filter to the Recent Technologies window


  • Fixed the More information link in the New Website window
  • Fixed a bug where email notifications about Technologies were not being sent as expected
  • Fixed an issue where date filters were not working as expected
  • Fixed a bug in the website authentication process in the GitLab integration
  • Fixed an issue where the Internal Agent automatic update process was hanging
  • Fixed an issue in scans that are exported from Invicti Standard into Invicti Enterprise
  • Fixed an issue where Mark as Read was not working in Application Notifications
  • Fixed a bug where Imported Links and files were not returned for ongoing scans on the ‘/scans/list-scheduled’ API endpoint
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when adding an internal website in the ‘/websites/new’ API endpoint
  • Fixed an issue where Excluded Path was not saved in the Scan Profile save action
  • Fixed an issue where Preferred Agent was not saved in the Scan Profile save action
  • Fixed an issue where issue counts were duplicated in the Annual issue chart