Invicti Enterprise On-Premises 21 Jul 2017



  • Decreased scan results’ registration time by optimazing database queries.
  • Added several improvements for running Invicti Enterprise on-premises on AWS.
  • Added more information (such as Total Requests and Average Speed) to the detailed scan report.
  • Improved code samples used in API documentation.
  • Improved help text and messages. 
  • Added delete button to website edit page.
  • Improved scanner agent’s startup script to ensure agent is started properly.
  • Improved sign-in/logout flow to make user sessions more secure.
  • Reviewed and fixed duplicate IDs in HTML elements.
  • Improved design of the email templates.
  • Updated AWS SDK to the latest version.
  • Added Korean support to scan report API endpoint. 
  • Added support for setting preferred agent name via API.
  • Added status information to preferred agent section on the new scan page.


  • Fixed an issue with the archiving of raw scan files.
  • Fixed the total website count which was incorrect on manage website groups page.
  • Fixed the user’s date format that was not used while selecting dates on account settings page.
  • Fixed the account settings page which was not displayed properly in high-DPI screens.
  • Fixed a bug where issue counts were not displayed correctly on website dashboard page.
  • “JavaScript – Elements To Skip” setting was is now set properly in new scan policy page.
  • Expired license error is now returned properly in API endpoints.
  • Fixed issues with the order of the websites in the  “Websites That Have Shortest Fix Time” widget.
  • Fixed an error which was being thrown when adding a website via API in Invicti Enterprise on-premises.
  • Fixed CVE links in scan report page.
  • Fixed a bug in website verification API endpoint.
  • Fixed a NRE which was being thrown during exporting CSV reports.
  • Fixed a bug where CSV comma separator is not remembered on Export to CSV pages.
  • Fixed an error which was being thrown during deleting a scan profile.
  • Fixed a bug in website verification API endpoint.