Invicti Enterprise On-Premises 17 Jan 2020


  • Added out of the box issue tracking integration for Kenna
  • Added OTP support to the Form Authentication tab in the New Scan window
  • Added filtering support to the New Notification window, which means you can filter the issues that will be sent for a Scan Completed event
  • Upgraded the Invicti scanning engine to version


  • Added a new setting, Max Uploaded File Size, to the General Settings window (On-Premises only)
  • Improved the UI design of the Scan Summary section on the Report window
  • A Time Zone option has been added to the Scan Time Window tab
  • Improved the Azure DevOps integration to support email addresses for the Assigned To setting
  • Improved the Scan Completed event template’s SMS notification text
  • Added an About page to display VDB and app versions, available by clicking your name (On-Premises only)
  • Added the ability to filter using Website Group names for various API endpoints
  • A detailed error message is now displayed if an imported file is invalid
  • Improved GitHub integration to support the GitHub Enterprise edition


  • Fixed an issue where Imported Links were not being saved when the Target URL was empty
  • Fixed an issue where all proofs were not displayed for Stored Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Do not stop scan when maximum logout is exceeded’ setting was not working as expected