Invicti Enterprise On-Premises 15 Jan 2016


  • Policy Settings Permission Change: In order to manage Policy Settings, “Start New Scan” permission is required now
  • Added Two Factor Authentication Support – Account admins can enforce 2FA to team members
  • Added weekly intervals support to trend report in the website dashboards
  • Added support for displaying pending tasks on the website dashboard
  • Mobile-friendly UI with a lot of design improvements


  • Added weekly interval support to dashboard trend
  • Added pending vulnerability tasks to website dashboard
  • “Your account” page split into four pages
  • Team member disable support
  • Improved scan data cleanup to remove raw scan files
  • Improved email sending process to ensure emails are sent for correct actions
  • Added status change logs for vulnerability tasks
  • Added an email button to Team Invitation page
  • Users can resend invitations with this button
  • Improved error messages when email fails to send


  • Fixed Browser Compatibility Warning shown in Chrome on iPhone.
  • Fixed an error which occurs while deleting a scan policy
  • Fixed target URL link on scan report page