Invicti Enterprise On-Demand 09 Jan 2024 v24.1.0

This update includes changes to the internal agents. The internal scan agent’s current version is 24.1.0. The internal authentication verifier agent’s current version is 24.1.0.

New features

  • Added notifications about agent disk full issues for easier navigation and to prevent scan errors
  • Added an option to the Jenkins plugin to cancel the scan started by the plugin if the Jenkins build is aborted


  • Improved reporting of DOM XSS vulnerabilities


  • Fixed an issue with removing the client certificate via API
  • Fixed an inconsistency for PCI results between the Invicti UI and the PCI DSS detailed report
  • Fixed a bug that was causing scan session files to fail when loading
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the ‘average time to fix’ table on the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue with the import of scan data from Invicti Enterprise to Invicti Standard
  • Fixed an issue with the form verifier not using the new scan policy until the scan profile is saved
  • Added a custom detailed scan report
  • Fixed a bug in the importing of links
  • Fixed an error that was occurring when setting an issue as Accepted Risk
  • Resolved issues with importing API documentation from a link
  • Resolved issues with the Authentication Verifier and Agent.db file corrupting after update
  • Fixed a bug in the Jenkins plugin that was causing the ‘Stop The Scan When Build Fails’ option to not work correctly