Invicti Enterprise On-Demand 08 Apr 2021

This update includes changes to Internal Agents.



  • Removed the scan report selection from notification events that do not produce any reports.
  • Added account-based option to display authentication credentials on API responses.


  • Fixed an issue where the Launch button does not get enabled on the New Scan page after you enable the IAST scanning and download the sensor files. 
  • Fixed an issue where a notification that is sent to an external email address was not displayed on the audit logs.
  • Fixed an issue where starting a PCI scan via using API could not start the scan. 
  • Fixed an issue where a new notification created via API does not add the specified integration(s) to the new notification. 
  • Fixed an issue where a team member was not created in API if the auto-generated password is enabled.
  • [INTERNAL AGENT] Fixed an issue where the custom value of FormAuthPageLoadTimeout was being overridden by its default value.