Invicti Enterprise On-Demand 31 Jan 2023

This update includes changes to the internal agents. The internal scan agent’s current version is The internal authentication verifier agent’s current version is


  • Improved the Technologies page for detailed version information of technologies identified.
  • Improved the target website deletion process to prevent any errors because of instantaneous action.
  • Add a new API endpoint (api/1.0/issues/summary) for better issue reporting.
  • Improved the maximum scan duration to stop only those scans with the Scanning status.
  • Added default SSL Configuration to docker agents.
  • Added a token matching rule when it is required to get the token from a website other than the target URL.


  • Fixed the scanner agent issue where the Linux agents failed because of TLS as a result of breaking changes in .NET 5.
  • Fixed the basic authentication issue that threw an error although the credentials are correct in the scan profile.
  • Fixed the business logic recorder issue that prevented the recorder to play recorded steps during a scan.
  • Fixed the inconsistent number of vulnerability counts by severity information on the scan report page.
  • Fixed the vulnerability serialization issue that caused the out-of-memory error.
  • Fixed the scan scope issue that does not load the scan scope correctly on the first try.
  • Fixed the scan profile issue that failed to register the database selected on the scan optimization page.
  • Fixed the corrupted scan data ZIP file downloaded via an API endpoint.