Invicti Enterprise On-Demand 23 May 2023 v23.5.1


  • Added an account ID control when querying the website with the root URL.
  • Improved the website importing when the CSV file has more than 1000 entries.
  • Added an information message for adding an AWS connection that appears when there is no running instance.
  • Improved the health check of websites discovered via the AWS connection.
  • Changed the Jira webhook settings, making the Exclude Body checkbox selection mandatory.
  • Fixed the importing website issue that threw an error when a user tries to add the website deleted from Invicti previously.
  • [Early Access] Improved the scan data by moving some information like attack and knowledge base data to the storage.
  • Improved the AWS discovery that can find private IPs in addition to the public IPs when the Include Unreachable Discovered Websites checkbox is selected.


  • Fixed the issue in which a team’s name is deleted during the editing process.
  • Fixed the validation issue for the Kafta integration.
  • Fixed the password update issue for the authentication verifier process that failed to obtain the new password.