Invicti Enterprise On-Demand 11 May 2023 v23.5

This update includes changes to the internal agents. The internal scan agent’s current version is 23.5.0. The internal authentication verifier agent’s current version is 23.5.0

New security checks

  • Added new security check for LDAP injection for IAST.
  • Added new security check for MongoDB injection.
  • Added new security check for Server-side Template Injection for IAST.
  • Added new security check for XPath injection for IAST.
  • Implemented security check for Sensitive Data Exposure.


  • Updated the Java sensor for more stability in the sensor.
  • Added the Response Receiver information event to remove waiting time for requests.
  • Improved the discovery service for email, website, and main website matching.
  • Improved the Not Contains filter for tags.
  • Added the EC2 Instance ID column to the default columns on the Discovered Websites page.
  • Updated API documentation for outdated ApiFileModel JSON example.
  • Added an information message to the report policy page in case the custom report policy cannot be found.
  • Improved the agent assignment process to prevent performance issues.
  • Changed the Launch Scan button to the New Scan button on the dashboard.
  • The Scan data files and Agent files (for Scanner/Verifier upgrades) are retrieved from AWS S3.


  • Fixed an issue that caused a bad CSRF token when confirming Cross-site Scripting.
  • Fixed the issue that is filling out the login form on the logout page during the login verification.
  • Fixed the issue of changing the order of API parameters while importing the JSON file.
  • Fixed the vulnerability signature types for Cloudflare and Cdnjs.
  • Fixed the custom script information on the 3-Legged Authorization in the scan summary.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented empty website groups from being deleted.
  • Fixed the issue that resulted in the scanning of the target URL instead of the GraphQL endpoint.
  • Fixed the token detection issue although the Detect Bearer Authorization Token function is disabled.
  • Fixed the case-sensitive parameter name that caused issues when migrating the database.
  • Fixed the ServiceNow integration issue that failed to export the issue information.
  • Fixed the issue that allowed a user with permission to add/edit a website group the ability to view all account websites.
  • Fixed the permission issue that a user can add and edit discovery connection via an API endpoint although the user does not have that permission.
  • Fixed the logo issue that the Knowledge Base report was showing the old Invicti logo.
  • Fixed issues encountered during scan deletion and canceling to improve performance.