Invicti Enterprise On-Demand 06 Oct 2021

This update includes changes to Internal Agents. The internal agent’s current version is


  • Improved the Login Banner Warning feature so that users cannot access any resources on Invicti Enterprise until they select the Accept, Continue button.
  • Add the Environment field to the DefectDojo integration.
  • Added the Export to CSV button on the Manage Members page so that you can download all your team members to your environment.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the scan profile of a deleted website from being removed. Now, when users delete a website, the related scans, including scan profile, are also deleted.
  • Fixed an issue that prevent the scan from being canceled.
  • Fixed the missing ScanTaskProfile field by adding it back to scan API call responses.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents members and teams from being deleted if they have been assigned to website groups.
  • Fixed a bug that allows the API member edit endpoint which accepts less than 15 characters for the administrator’s password.
  • Changed the permission to view reports from Add/Edit Scan to the View Report.
  • [INTERNAL AGENTS] Changed Agent request time interval to 60 seconds.
  • [INTERNAL AGENTS] Fixed a bug that prevents an agent from scanning a new website if the previous scan was canceled.