Invicti Enterprise On-Premises 23 Jul 2018



  • Improved text shown after deleting a website
  • Improved text shown on Authentication Verifier Settings page
  • Improved help text for Recaptcha setting shown on Service Settings page
  • Removed 2FA disable button for users who do not have required access permission (previously displayed as disabled)
  • Improved timer behaviour of validation code shown on SMS Settings page 
  • Improved order of vulnerabilities in several reports
  • Response content will not be rendered if it’s higher than 10MB, instead response data can be downloaded from scan results page
  • Refactored and improved performance of reports which can be exported from Scan Results page
  • Added market place links for Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo plugins shown on Integrations page
  • Improved validation messages for JIRA integration
  • Improved samples for new website API documentation
  • Changed wording on General Settings page
  • Simplified endpoint format for Authentication Verifier settings


  • Fixed a bug where if previous scan failed with domain resolution error, subsequent scans failed unexpectedly with the same error
  • Fixed a bug where imported Swagger file was not parsed during scanning
  • Fixed a bug where multiple SAML configurations might be configured with same configuration identifier
  • Fixed an issue where Agent could not be disabled on Manage Agents page
  • Fixed an issue where Jenkins icon was not displaying properly on IE
  • Fixed a bug where sorting was not working for Next Execution Time on Scheduled Scans page
  • Fixed a bug where product update links were not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a bug where configured Scan Policies’ user agent was not used in Authentication Verifier
  • Fixed documentation links for SSO providers
  • Fixed API authorization error thrown on notification endpoints for Team Members
  • Fixed an issue where custom reports were not displayed on Scan Results page
  • Fixed an issue where Knowledge Base data was not saved properly