Security Weekly and Ferruh Mavituna Talk Automation and Scaling Up Web Application Security

During episode #442 of Security Weekly, Ferruh Mavituna, Paul Asadoorian, Jeffrey Man and several other web security professionals talk about the challenges of automating web application security and how companies can scale up automated web application security scanning and scan 100s and 1000s of web applications with the least possible resources.

Ferruh Mavituna, our CEO and product architect was interviewed on last week's Episode #442 of Security Weekly. For those who are not familiar with Security Weekly, it is the most popular weekly webcast show where Paul Asadoorian, the host of the show, discusses everything related to IT security with different industry leaders and security professionals each week.

During last week's interview, Ferruh Mavituna, Paul Asadoorian, Jeffrey Man and other security professionals look into several aspects of web application security such as:

  • Automation of identification of security flaws in web applications and time management for penetration testers and security professionals.
  • What can be automate and what not in web application security and possibly what we'll see in the future of automation.
  • Scaling up web application security; how to secure 100+ websites with limited resources?
  • Why integration of web application security in the SDLC got even more important. Large companies such as Facebook and Dropbox are pushing new code to production multiple times in a day.
  • How Bug Bounties are making young security researchers lazy by focusing only on the outcome rather than understanding the cause of the security issue.