Ferruh Talks About Netsparker Hawk on Paul’s Security Weekly #506

In episode #506 of Paul’s Security Weekly, our founder and CEO Ferruh Mavituna explains how Netsparker Hawk detects out-of-band vulnerabilities in web applications.

Watch episode 506 of the popular Paul’s Security Weekly, during which our CEO and founder Ferruh Mavituna talks in detail about the new Netsparker Hawk vulnerability testing framework.

During the interview with the show’s host Paul Asadoorian, Ferruh explains:

  • What is Netsparker Hawk and why it was built,
  • The types of vulnerabilities the Netsparker Hawk can find,
  • How it can find out-of-band vulnerabilities such as Server Side Request Forgery,
  • Why Netsparker Hawk uses DNS lookups to determine if the target web application is vulnerable,
  • How we test the web vulnerability scanner and its features to ensure that they virtually do not report any false positives,
  • And much more!