Live Demo: Exploiting Apache Struts Vulnerabilities

Our CEO, Ferruh Mavituna, and Security Researcher, Sven Morgenroth, talk about the Equifax hack on Hack Naked News, and give a live demo of how to detect and exploit OGNL Expression Injection vulnerabilities in Apache Struts.

Our CEO, Ferruh Mavituna, and Security Researcher, Sven Morgenroth, joined Paul Asadoorian in episode #143 of Hack Naked News.

During the show, Ferruh discusses what causes could have led to the infamous Equifax hack and the data breach of hundreds of millions of records of cardholder data. Even though it was thought that a deserialization vulnerability in the REST plugin of Apache Struts was the main cause, an OGNL Expression Injection (CVE-2017-5638) published in March was the root cause for the breach. Therefore our Security Researcher, Sven, gave a live demo of how to find and exploit several OGNL expression vulnerabilities in Struts.

Demo: Identifying and Exploiting OGNL Expression Injection Vulnerabilities

During the demo, Sven also used Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner to highlight how easy it is to automatically find these types of vulnerabilities when you use the correct tools. Watch the full Hack Naked News episode #143.

You can also skip directly to Ferruh’s discussion of the Equifax hack, and Sven’s explanation of OGNL Expression Injection vulnerabilities and how to identify and exploit them.