Exciting growth on the horizon as Gerhard Watzinger joins Invicti’s Board as Chairman

Invicti is going through an amazing growth period, bringing experienced talent and industry veterans onto the team as we continue to change the DAST market.

Exciting growth on the horizon as Gerhard Watzinger joins Invicti’s Board as Chairman

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of the Team Invicti movement. The call to action for organizations that build, manage, and maintain software has never been louder, nor have cybersecurity threats ever been more dire. In 2021 alone, the cost of a single data breach increased from $3.86 million to $4.24 million, establishing a new 17-year record. We’re seeing incredible growth in the dynamic application security testing (DAST) market. This steady climb underscores the increasing number of web-based applications – now the number one attack vector, with breaches and vulnerabilities on the uptick. 

Security is everyone’s job now, from the CEO to the individual developer. There’s an increased number of enterprises pushing new software releases on a daily basis, with API use also on the rise. Without proper security controls in place, that can mean unnecessary risk to businesses globally. As a leader in web application security, we have a responsibility to help our own customers strategize for, and maintain, a healthy security posture for all of their applications. Our goal is to secure the $11.5 trillion global digital economy.

We achieve that through a careful combination of automation, accuracy, and consistency, with an eye on improving DevSecOps processes and communication across the board. Because threats are ever-evolving, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Our solutions work for organizations of all sizes, from managed security service providers (MSSPs) to big enterprises that need to learn, try, and buy tools that best suit their needs. 

What we aim to do requires a careful approach and a long-term strategy that will ensure organizations are proactive against threats while also adequately reactive when the next vulnerabilities are exploited. Applications are in the first line of cyberattacks, as they can provide a gateway into critical infrastructure, data lakes, and everything else. 

Here at Invicti, we help organizations shift left and right, allowing DevSecOps professionals to fix problems before they deploy an application and improving cyber resiliency from within to prevent an attack. In short: application security threats simply aren’t going away. They’re relentless, but so are we. 

A growing team to support a thriving business

Every company, large and small, needs to take security seriously and find a way to ensure continuous security coverage. To accommodate the breakneck pace of cybersecurity while keeping up with our customers’ drive towards software innovation, we’re adding a depth of experience to our global team. Recently, we announced the additions of Alex Bender as our Chief Marketing Officer and John Mandel as Senior Vice President of Engineering to help lead these charges. 

Invicti continues to grow at an incredible pace. I’m very excited to also announce that we’ve recently added Gerhard Watzinger as Chairman of the Board here at Invicti, joining investors from Summit Partners and Turn/River Capital. Gerhard is a renowned leader in this industry, with vast experience in growing successful tech organizations, and will help us maintain a steady and defensive approach to the market. He brings invaluable knowledge from his time serving on Crowdstrike’s board, where he became Chairman in 2012, and also through his positions on the boards at Mastech Digital, Absolute Software, and KnowBe4. 

When he isn’t driving companies to greater success, you can watch him on the track as an internationally accomplished race car driver. Gerhard has competed in over 11 countries and earned 73 podium medals so far in his racing career, and I know he will undoubtedly bring that same intensity, pace, and commitment to win here at Invicti.

To learn more, take a listen to a recent episode of MSSP Alert’s podcast Invicti: Continuous Vulnerability Management for MSSPs and CISOs, in which I sit down with Joe Panettieri to discuss these exciting new additions to the Invicti global team and provide more updates related to our incredible growth as we race to a more secure future. We’ll see you at the finish line.