August 2017 Update of Netsparker Desktop

The main feature in the August 2017 update of Netsparker Desktop is the support of multiple sets of credentials for different URLs.

We are now less than one month away from Autumn, so today we are announcing the end of summer update of Netsparker Desktop. Here is an overview of what is new and improved in this update of our dead accurate web application security scanner.

Support for Multiple Credentials for Different URLs & Authentication Mechanisms

Do you have a web application that has different password protected areas and uses different authentication mechanisms? From this version onwards you can configure all the different sets of credentials and authentication mechanisms in Netsparker so you can scan all sections of the web application in one web vulnerability scan.

How does it work? Simple! When configuring authentication you have to specify the:

  1. Authentication mechanism (NTLM, Basic, Digest, Kerberos)
  2. Credentials
  3. URL of the login form or password protection section

You can read more about this new feature in Configuring Basic, NTLM, Kerberos authentication in Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner.

New Security Checks

We have also added a number of new security checks for the Microsoft’s IIS web server, WordPress and a Remote Code Execution check for Node.js on Windows.

Improved Security Checks and Functionality

In this update of Netsparker Enterprise, we also improved the security checks for:

We have also improved the DOM/JavaScript simulations, the performance of a number of security checks, and have also worked on improving the performance of a number of other components in the scanner.

Complete List of What is New, Improved & Fixed

For a complete list of what is new, improved and fixed in the latest version of Netsparker Desktop please refer to the web vulnerability scanner’s changelog.

About the Author

Ferruh Mavituna - Founder, Strategic Advisor

Ferruh Mavituna is the founder and CEO of Invicti Security, a world leader in web application vulnerability scanning. His professional obsessions lie in web application security research, automated vulnerability detection, and exploitation features. He has authored several web security research papers and tools and delivers animated appearances at cybersecurity conferences and on podcasts. Exuberant at the possibilities open to organizations by the deployment of automation, Ferruh is keen to demonstrate what can be achieved in combination with Invicti’s award-winning products, Netsparker and Acunetix.