Ferruh Mavituna Discusses Web Application Security Automation on Risky Business Podcast

Netsparker CEO and founder Ferruh Mavituna discusses what can be automated and what cannot in web application security testing during an interview on the Risky Business podcast episode #447.

This is an archive post from the Netsparker (now Invicti) blog. Please note that the content may not reflect current product names and features in the Invicti offering.

Our CEO and founder Ferruh Mavituna was interviewed during episode #447 of the popular podcast Risky Business. During the interview Ferruh and the show’s host Patrick Gray discuss what can actually be automated in web application security testing, but also mention what cannot be automated and when humans need to steer the automated tool.

Ferruh also explains the behind the scenes of black box scanners, how they work, and how Netsparker uniquely verifies identified vulnerabilities, including the infamous cross-site scripting.

You can listen to the full Risky Business Episode #447 from the Risky Business website. Ferruh’s interview is the last feature in the podcast, which starts at 34 minutes.