Netsparker and Softprom by ERC Sign a Global Distribution Contract

Press Release | Softprom by ERC has signed a contract with Netsparker to be sole and official distributor of the Netsparker web application security scanner throughout the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and throughout the Eastern European market.

London — January 25, 2018 — Netsparker, manufacturer of the internationally recognized web application vulnerability scanner, and Softprom by ERC, the largest Value Added Distributor in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), including Russia, today announced the signing of a distribution contract.

According to this agreement, Softprom by ERC becomes an official distributor of Netsparker, a enterprise-level web application vulnerability scanning solution. Softprom by ERC will now distribute and promote Netsparker throughout the territory of all CIS countries.

Netsparker’s web application security scanner is their flagship product and forms the basis of the company’s business activities. The Netsparker solution is available in two versions: Cloud and Desktop. It is designed to detect web vulnerabilities and errors, as well as search for XSS, SQL injection and other web security vulnerabilities. In addition, the web security scanner can analyze the structure of a website for the disclosure of service information, such as data backups, debugging web scripts, hidden directories and other security issues.

Pavel Zhdanovich, Director of Softprom by ERC, was particularly impressed both with Netsparker’s automated scanning solution and recommendations for the removal of vulnerabilities. He commented that it perfectly complemented the Web Application Firewall solutions already present in the Softprom by ERC security portfolio, for different market segments.

Bogdan Tobol, Director of the Regional Sales Department at Netsparker, said:

Our cooperation will bring great benefits to the Eastern European market, and we are confident that by working with Softprom by ERC, we will be able to expand the Partner channel in this region.

About Netsparker

Netsparker was founded in 2009, and develops a web application security solution. The scanner’s dead accurate scanning technology led Netsparker to early business success, and it is now recognized as a leading player in the web application security industry.

Netsparker can identify vulnerabilities in any type of modern and custom web applications, regardless of the architecture or platform on which they are built. Once a vulnerability is identified, the Netsparker scanner uniquely generates a proof of exploit, demonstrating that it was not a false positive.

Netsparker is available as desktop software, as a managed service, and as an on-premises solution. It is used and trusted by international enterprises across many industries, such as Samsung, NASA, Microsoft, ING Bank, and Ernst & Young.

About Softprom by ERC

Softprom by ERC is the leading Value Added Distributor in the CIS and Eastern Europe, and is trusted by more than 1000 Partners. Softprom by ERC was founded in 1999 and has offices in the Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, and Poland.

The company provides professional services for testing, training, installation, implementation and technical support. At present, Softprom’s portfolio includes more than 40 distribution contracts, from the world’s largest manufacturers.