A new era for modern application security: Netsparker is now Invicti

Today we announced a major milestone for our company and our customers: we have renamed our flagship product Netsparker to Invicti. This is a big step forward for our company and for our customers and has been in the works for quite some time. We’re thrilled to unveil our new site here at invicti.com and tell you about our journey.

A new era for modern application security: Netsparker is now Invicti

First, some history: Back in 2009, Netsparker revolutionized web application security, making it possible to cover your entire application attack surface with a high-powered, laser-accurate DAST tool – something entirely different and way better than the other DAST solutions in the market. The security pros who adopted Netsparker embraced it wholeheartedly, the word spread, and we have built a thriving business on this product. Back then, there were only 240M websites, Twitter was celebrating its second birthday, and everyone was excited about the iPhone 3G launch. Netsparker met that market where it was at that time.

The world has changed since then. A lot. Web applications have proliferated – there are well over a billion now. They are much more complex and process exponentially more data – and new code ships faster than ever before. And of course, large-scale malicious attacks have also proliferated, with the next zero-day right around the corner and 294 million records breached in 2021 alone. And 39 percent of all data breaches originate in a web application. To keep pace with this changing landscape, we’ve added IAST and SCA to our scanning and focused relentlessly on enhancing the workflows, integrations, and automation our customers need.

The stakes are incredibly high for our customers. They have to balance the strategic requirement to “innovate or die” against an equally urgent mandate to protect their growing attack surface. To do that, development and security have to collaborate deeply at every stage in an application’s life cycle – and they need powerful tools to help them do it. 

This is Invicti’s purpose, our “why”. We enable our customers to put security and innovation hand-in-hand. Our mission – to transform how application security gets done, making it possible for our customers to truly protect everything and everyone – is what gets us up in the morning every day.

So what does all of that have to do with our brand? As our mission has evolved to meet our customers in the here and now, our brand and what it stands for had to evolve too. Great brands stand for what really matters to their customers. Our evolution as a company, and the sea changes that continue to shape the market we serve, have been so significant that we need to mark it with a new brand identity. 

We’ve been using the Invicti Security brand as a corporate entity for quite some time – and after careful diligence, we decided it was the right choice for our product brand. There’s a lot to love about the name Invicti. It projects strength and safety, and suggests both innovation and invincibility. We believe it honors our customers and their passion for both security and innovation, and points to a future where the two are inextricably connected. 

We are only just getting started – we will continue to innovate on our great products and our market presence. There is a lot more to come for the Invicti brand (look out for a refreshed visual identity soon), but one thing that will not change is our passion for the mission, and our commitment to delivering products that help realize it. 

One final note – some of you might be wondering about Acunetix by Invicti, our other application security product. Acunetix is very much still in market, and later this year, we will bring it closer to the core Invicti brand, too. We chose to take a phased approach to our brand consolidation transition to ensure we have the opportunity to communicate effectively to our customers, partners, and the market. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure every customer finds the right product that best solves the challenge of keeping innovation secure. Consolidating our offerings under the Invicti brand will enable us to do that.