Invicti on Microsoft Azure Marketplace: Easier access to the best in DAST

Azure users can now get Invicti’s application security testing solutions directly from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to optimize their cloud spending. With its out-of-the-box CI/CD integration with Azure Pipelines, Invicti is also a perfect fit for Azure-based development.

Invicti on Microsoft Azure Marketplace: Easier access to the best in DAST

With its dynamic application security testing (DAST) products now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Invicti is adding yet another way for customers to acquire industry-leading application security testing solutions for their operational and development needs. The addition allows Azure users to optimize their cloud spend while also getting easy access to application security testing that integrates out-of-the-box with Azure Pipelines CI/CD workflows.

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The shortest route to continuous DAST in Azure

Dynamic application security testing (DAST) is the easiest and most versatile approach to testing web application security. Because DAST products are technology-agnostic and can test any web application that runs in a modern browser regardless of the underlying technology stack, they are quick to set up and can start reporting your first issues within hours, if not minutes. By offering its DAST-first solutions on the Azure Marketplace, Invicti is bringing the same speed and convenience to the purchasing process.

Any Azure customer can now purchase Invicti as part of their existing Azure cloud agreement, which greatly simplifies the procurement process and can also count toward their contracted annual spend. The option to purchase through the Azure Marketplace gives customers the added convenience of consolidated billing as well as access to flexible funding sources to support their cloud migration, deployment, and security efforts.

“This opportunity opens doors for customers that need to acquire and integrate their DAST solution quickly and efficiently, but who also have a spending commitment to Microsoft that they need to fulfill,” said Alvaro Warden, Invicti’s Worldwide Director, Global Channels & Partnerships. “With less complexity and simplified procurement in Microsoft’s ecosystem, customers can begin scanning quickly using Invicti’s automated, accurate, and continuous solutions. That means a faster return on investment and a more secure digital landscape.”

Enterprise-grade AppSec for your organization—and your Azure Pipelines

Taking Invicti’s DAST-first approach to integrated application security allows customers to use the same mature solution for their operational vulnerability scanning and for DAST in the development pipeline. Accurate and safe vulnerability scanning across entire application environments makes it possible to run scheduled, fully automatic tests as often as needed to identify any exploitable issues in production in a continuous process. Uniquely, the Invicti platform can also be used for dynamic security testing at multiple points across the software development lifecycle (SDLC), using out-of-the-box integrations with popular CI/CD platforms and issue trackers to deliver vulnerability reports directly into existing development workflows.

If you’re building applications in Azure cloud environments, there’s a good chance you’re using Azure Pipelines as your CI/CD tool. Invicti comes with built-in Azure Pipelines integration, making it a natural fit for Azure-based workflows. The ability to get Invicti solutions from the Azure Marketplace removes yet another obstacle on the journey toward making integrated and efficient application security testing a reality.

Yet even with integration and automation in place, the key to moving the needle on web application security is getting actionable issues to the right people, complete with everything needed for an effective fix. As a DAST tool, Invicti examines running applications from the outside and probes them for weaknesses that malicious actors could exploit. Unlike most other DAST solutions, Invicti uses proprietary automated verification to safely exploit major vulnerabilities and deliver proof that they are real issues and not false positives. This allows teams to prioritize efficiently and focus their limited resources where they make the biggest difference.

Streamlined cloud security spending for Azure users

Getting Invicti products from the Azure Marketplace can bring additional benefits for organizations looking to streamline their overall cloud spending, especially around security. Because purchases can count toward the contracted annual Azure spend, eligible Azure customers may be able to incorporate them into their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC). This allows them to save on industry-leading application security testing with accelerated procurement and consolidated billing via Azure—and get a solution that does double duty in their information security and application security workflows.

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