Netsparker is now an accredited supplier on the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace

This article explains the value of Netsparker Enterprise having being been accepted and enlisted on the UK digital marketplace, the high-level requirements Netsparker had to adhere to and why this proves that Netsparker is a trusted and effective Web Application Security Scanner.

Logo for the UK Digital Marketplace

We are pleased to announce that Netsparker Enterprise, our enterprise web application scanner has been accepted and enlisted on the UK Digital Marketplace. In order to have gained a place on the UK Digital Marketplace, Netsparker Enterprise had to adhere to a number of high-level requirements under the G-Cloud 9 framework, proving that Netsparker is an effective Web Application Security Scanner.

Due to the use of cloud-based computing becoming increasingly commonplace in the UK public sector, having Netsparker Enterprise listed on the UK Digital Marketplace has never been more important, as it enables us to support all the branches of the UK government with our easy to use & cutting-edge web application vulnerability scanner. As Netsparker is fit to be used by the agencies of the UK government, businesses should also trust and use Netsparker as well.

For more information about the UK Digital Marketplace, visit their website. Easily perform automated web application security scans of your websites and web applications with Netsparker Enterprise, a Free Netsparker Enterprise Trial is available on our website.