Netsparker and Brinqa Partner on Web Application Security Webinar

In this webinar, our CEO, Ferruh Mavituna, and Director of Product at Brinqa, Syed Abdur, discusses the exposed attack surface that is responsible for most data breaches. They examine how organizations can integrate Netsparker and Brinqa into the SDLC to help confidently manage security vulnerabilities and build resilient web applications.

In March, Netsparker partnered with Brinqa to deliver a webinar on how businesses and organizations can secure their most exposed attack surface – web applications.

Web Application Attacks Are the Main Cause of Data Breaches

According to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report, web application hacking is the primary cause of all data breaches (62%). This figure rises to 81% when breaches are leveraged by stolen or weak passwords. Most of these attacks are perpetrated by outsiders who are financially motivated, and have little compunction whether their target is a financial organization, a healthcare body, a public sector entity, or an online retail store. And the targets of these increasingly sophisticated attackers aren't always the big boys – 61% of the data breach victims are businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees.

How to Secure Your Most Exposed Attack Surface

NetSparker and Brinqa are technology companies leading the way in web application vulnerability detection, management and remediation. Netsparker is an automated, dead accurate, scalable and easy-to-use, enterprise level web application security scanner that enables businesses to finds security flaws in their websites, web applications and APIs. Brinqa is a cyber risk management platform that helps cybersecurity professionals triage and remediate threats and vulnerabilities in the context of both business impact and weaponization likelihood.

Watch Our Webinar from March 15, 2018

This webinar examines how these two security tools can integrate with each other to create a robust web application security plan that helps AppSec programs identify, prioritize, remediate and report the most critical security flaws.

Our speakers are Ferruh Mavituna (CEO, Netsparker) and Syed Abdur (Director of Product, Brinqa). Ferruh's background of hands-on experience and deep understanding of both the attacking and defending aspects of web application security was the impetus for Netsparker’s accelerated growth. Netsparker has created technologies that have transformed the automated web application security industry and is a trusted security partner for thousands of companies around the world.

Syed's experience includes technical software development and delivering large enterprise security applications at Sun Microsystems and Oracle. He is responsible for driving the overall strategy and technical direction of Brinqa's product lines.

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