Invicti Security at CyberTalks 2021

This blog post shares a few highlights from the Invicti team at CyberTalks 2021, the largest annual gathering of CISOs and cyber leaders, that was held on June 15-16.

Invicti Security at CyberTalks 2021

The latest edition of CyberTalks, the largest annual gathering of CISOs and cyber leaders, was held on June 15-16, and attracted thousands of virtual attendees from government, technology, finance, and medical sectors. During these unprecedented times, the necessity to come together was more urgent than ever. The Netsparker team enjoyed being a sponsor of the conference and would like to thank everyone who participated.

This year’s conference showcased influential decision-makers for daily lightning talks, keynotes, and fireside chats that explored how the security community is evolving, and how the United States is working to overcome digital threats.

A few highlights from the Netsparker team at CyberTalks this year:

Ferruh Mavituna, Founder and CEO of Netsparker, presented When Application Security is of National Importance: Solving Complex AppSec Challenges. In this keynote, Ferruh voiced the challenges AppSec professionals face and how leveraging automation, DevSecOps, and modern DAST tools can allow organizations to streamline and scale their operations.

Ferruh has been helping public and private sector organizations address web application security challenges for decades and the core ways to deal with our realities are always the same:

  • DAST is the best place to start since it covers all web applications. You cannot rely on static tools – source code testing leaves out applications that are already live.
  • You must pull developers into the security fold – security can’t be owned only by the security team. This means that you have to introduce security early in the development lifecycle.
  • To keep up with the pace of innovation, you need to automate. To be able to automate at scale, you need a way to eliminate false positives from the development queue.

Mark Ralls, President, and COO of Netsparker, also participated in the lively discussions at CyberTalks. Mark was interviewed by CyberScoop’s Wyatt Kash to discuss cybersecurity trends and strategies to meet today’s most pressing security challenges.

In his interview, How cybersecurity became such an urgent issue for Americans, Mark explained how the recent high-profile cyber attacks with the Colonial Pipeline and JBS, impacted American lives and pushed the government to prioritize cybersecurity.

If you are interested in what it means to have a baseline level of cybersecurity in 2021 or how to combat the increase in web attacks, watch the whole interview now on CyberScoop.

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Did you attend CyberTalks 2021? If not, we hope to see you next year!