Streamline your vulnerability response with Invicti’s ServiceNow integration

Identifying vulnerabilities is only the first step in the long journey to making your web applications secure. To help you triage, assign, and remediate vulnerabilities, Invicti can send accurate vulnerability data to a third-party vulnerability management solution. Learn how integration with ServiceNow Vulnerability Response can streamline issue remediation.

Streamline your vulnerability response with Invicti’s ServiceNow integration

The complexities of systematic application security testing

Most organizations now appreciate the importance of web application security but not all have a full AppSec program. Some only run occasional security testing on their production applications and hope that this will be enough to reduce the risk of attacks. While this can definitely bring some security improvements, sporadic tests and fixes are more like a band-aid than a solution. Especially at a larger scale, ensuring application security requires regular vulnerability testing not only to identify weaknesses, but also to help you decide what to fix and when. Even so, running a scan is only the first step on the long road to eliminating vulnerabilities. Unless you are using an advanced DAST (dynamic application security testing) solution such as Invicti, which has automatic verification capabilities, your next step will be to manually check the scan results and discard false positives. Once you know which issues are real, you then need to triage, assign, and fix them. After a fix is ready, you still need to retest it to make sure that it has eliminated the vulnerability. In large application environments, you could be putting thousands of vulnerability reports through this complex process, so any inefficiencies could mean extra costs and delayed releases.

Efficient vulnerability management makes all the difference

Running security tests without a clear idea what to do with the results can lead to a mounting backlog of security issues that always seem to arrive faster than you can address them. The key to dealing with this at an enterprise scale is to automate each stage as much as possible. For its part, Invicti delivers highly accurate results with automatic confirmation for the majority of direct-impact vulnerabilities and integrates with issue trackers and CI/CD tools to help with workflow automation. Confirmed vulnerabilities can be automatically assigned to developers in their existing ticketing system and fix submissions can trigger automatic rescans to make sure the vulnerability is gone. Confident automation and efficient vulnerability management with Invicti can make a huge difference compared to less mature DAST solutions, but it is not the only option. Many large organizations use a dedicated vulnerability management system to aggregate results from multiple security testing products and processes. In these use cases, Invicti is integrated as one of several sources of vulnerability information either via its extensive internal API or by using one of its many out-of-the-box integrations.

Using Invicti Enterprise with ServiceNow Vulnerability Response

Invicti has introduced integration with ServiceNow Vulnerability Response to streamline the issue resolution process. With this integration, you can automatically export vulnerabilities identified by Invicti into ServiceNow Vulnerability Response. To take advantage of this, you simply generate an integration script in the Invicti Enterprise user interface and install it in ServiceNow Vulnerability Response. ServiceNow will run this script regularly to import vulnerabilities identified by Invicti into its database. This is especially useful if you have multiple sources of vulnerability data, such as other vulnerability scanners, static application security testing (SAST) tools, penetration testing results, bug bounty reports, and so on. ServiceNow Vulnerability Response aggregates all this information in one platform to give you improved visibility into your current security status.  The ServiceNow system helps you with tracking, prioritizing, and resolving vulnerabilities. Based on vulnerability intelligence from different sources, including the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), it assigns a risk score to each vulnerability, also taking into account the assets affected by a specific issue. Knowing where to start naturally speeds up the entire remediation process. You can also prioritize mission-critical vulnerabilities over lower-ranked risks and be in a better position to mitigate any damage caused by successful attacks. Configurable grouping rules are available for creating custom vulnerability groups to further streamline issue monitoring, updating, and remediation.

High-quality vulnerability data makes all the difference

ServiceNow Vulnerability Response is just one of dozens of third-party applications that Invicti Enterprise integrates with out-of-the-box. While these range from issue trackers and CI/CD tools to web application firewalls and vulnerability management solutions, the fundamental requirement for integrating and automating vulnerability scan results is always accuracy. To truly take control of your web application security, you need to start with actionable vulnerability reports and carry them through to resolution in the most effective way. At an enterprise scale, accurate automation is the only practical approach to securing sprawling application environments that can change daily. With its Proof-Based Scanning technology backed by decades of security research, Invicti delivers reliable data for streamlined vulnerability management and remediation.