New Scan Search Feature

The Netsparker Standard 5.5 November 2019 Update introduced a new feature that helps you search scan results quickly, and view results that are categorized and clickable for further information.

New Scan Search Feature

In the recent Netsparker Standard 5.5 November 2019 Update, we added a new Scan Search feature. This allows you to conduct searches on any word or phrase.

During a current scan or once it has been completed, you can now search for a word or phrase. Netsparker Standard will search among requests, responses and vulnerability findings, and immediately display the results in filtered categories.

You can then click on one of the search results in order to view its details in the relevant Netsparker Standard panel. Alternatively, if no search results have been returned, the search box turns red, leaving you free to search for another phrase.

For further information, see Scan Search. For further information on other features in the latest release, see Netsparker Standard 5.5 – November 2019 Update.