API Support for the Netsparker Discovery Service

The Invicti web application security scanner has an Application & Service Discovery service that enables you to account for all your online collateral. The Invicti Enterprise On-Premises June 2020 Update introduced a new API support for this service to give you more options for its settings.

The recent Invicti Enterprise On-Premises June 2020 Update introduced API support for the Application Discovery Service. The purpose of the Discover Service is to enable you to become aware of your enterprise's online collateral, web applications and services.

When you add a new website on your account for scanning, the Discovery Service starts automatically and finds websites related to the added website. You can use API endpoints for these new websites found by the discovery service. They enable you to ignore some of the discovered websites or change your discovery settings.

They perform other functions as well. For example, if you want to access the data as JSON or XML, you can use the API endpoints. You can then feed this data to other applications programmatically.

Be aware that API endpoints have limited use for the operations on UI pages. For instance, you can use many filter operators on the UI but API requests only support the ‘Equal’ filter operator.

For further information, see Application & Service Discovery Service. For further information on the other features in the latest release, see June 2020 Update for Invicti Enterprise On-Premises.