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Get Invicti from the AWS Marketplace to streamline your cloud security spending

Invicti Security offers its industry-leading web application security solution as both a private listing and a public offer in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace:

  • Get Invicti solutions in a simplified and accelerated procurement process within your existing AWS cloud agreement, where purchases can count toward your contracted annual AWS spend
  • Kick-start or upgrade your web application security testing program with a solution that is now equally easy to set up and to buy.
  • Take advantage of Amazon’s Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) to streamline spending on application security testing as part of your wider cloud security purchases.

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Continuously secure your web application with best-in-class DAST

The only realistic way to know and improve your security posture in complex modern web environments is through frequent dynamic testing with accurate and scalable automated solutions:

  • Dynamic application security testing (DAST) is technology-agnostic and allows you to scan any web application that can run in a modern browser, regardless of the underlying front-end and back-end technologies.
  • Invicti’s mature DAST products require the minimum of setup to scan all your websites and web applications for a wide variety of web vulnerabilities, providing automated confirmation for the majority of direct-impact issues.
  • Bring security testing in-house to run scheduled scans as often as you need, speeding up remediation and saving on manual penetration testing and bug bounty payouts.

Efficiently integrate security testing into application development

To continuously improve web application security in modern DevSecOps workflows, accurate vulnerability reports need to feed directly into the development pipeline for remediation:

  • Invicti products integrate with popular issue management platforms out-of-the-box to deliver vulnerability reports complete with detailed remediation guidance directly to your developers.
  • Automated vulnerability confirmation ensures that exploitable issues are prioritized and reported with no risk of time-wasting false positives.
  • Scan at multiple stages of the dev pipeline, from build candidates through staging to production environments, so you can catch security defects as early as possible while maximizing test coverage.

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