Proof-Based Scanning:
No noise, just facts

We’ve pulled back the curtain on our most popular feature to create this in-depth technical guide.

Dig into the comprehensive feature guide and learn:

  • Why Proof-Based Scanning was created
  • How 1000’s of customers use it to streamline vulnerability prioritization and remediation
  • How Invicti eliminates the false positives that come standard with other solutions

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Proof-Based Scanning by the numbers

Proof-Based Scanning can eliminate the majority of manual vulnerability verification tasks.

A typical large organization can save

9,760 hours
and $488,000
per year

We looked at six years of anonymized statistical data from Invicti’s cloud-based on-demand scanner


vulnerabilities evaluated

94% of all direct-impact vulnerabilities were
automatically confirmed

Fewer than 0.02% of vulnerabilities confirmed
by Invicti turned out
to be false positives

If Invicti can safely exploit a vulnerability,
it cannot be a false positive.

This is the guiding principle behind Proof-Based Scanning. Detailed proof of exploitability enables organizations to avoid manually verifying scan results and take control of their web application security at scale. Read the white paper for a detailed explanation of how Proof-Based Scanning works.

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Your information will be kept private