Reducing the Scan Duration

There are several improvements you can do to improve the speed of a scan. From Invicti’s end you can optimize the scan policies as explained in Optimize Invicti Scan Policies for Quicker and More Efficient Web Application Security Scans and you can also increase the number of concurrent connections the scanner opens during a scan from the Concurrent Connections slider highlighted in the screenshot below at any time during a web security scan.

Screenshot 6  – The Concurrent Connections slider

Screenshot 6 – The Concurrent Connections slider

By default, Netsparker Desktop will open up to six concurrent connections during a scan. By increasing the number of concurrent connections you will increase the load on the target server, hence ensure the server can handle the load before increasing the number of concurrent connections.

More concurrent connection does not always yield a higher speed scan. For example, if the target server cannot handle the load the scan can be slower.Scan Activity and Vulnerability Details Pane

 The main window pane in Netsparker Desktop can be used for two purposes:

  • to get more granular details about the progress of the scan

  • to see the technical details of identified vulnerabilities and security flaws

You can switch between the scan activity and vulnerability details while a web security scan is running. All the identified issues are reported in real time in Netsparker Desktop. To switch between them use the Vulnerability and Scan tabs which can be found in the top right corner of the interface.

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