Installing Netsparker Desktop

Before installing Netsparker Desktop always ensure that you have the latest service pack and Windows updates on your computer.

  1. Download the latest version of Netsparker from the download location provided when you purchased the license.

  2. Double click NetsparkerSetup.exe to start the installation wizard.

  3. Agree to the End User License Agreement in the first step of the installation by clicking I Agree.

  4. By default Netsparker Desktop is installed in the c:\Program Files (x86)\Netsparker folder. You can change the destination folder where Netsparker Desktop is installed or use the default in the next step of the installation wizard.

    Screenshot 1  – Netsparker Desktop installation wizard

Screenshot 1 – Netsparker Desktop installation wizard

  1. In the next step of the wizard, you can choose the Start Menu folder name for Netsparker Desktop. The default is Netsparker.

  2. Click Install to start the installation. Setup will now copy all the files and install the Netsparker Desktop web application security scanner.

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